Ideas And Advice When Adding Rhinestones On Shoes

Accessorizing is no longer just limited on jewelry and hair decorative pieces. There are now interesting, trendy and attractive ways to add more fun and glitter to your otherwise drab ensemble. How would you like to add rhinestones on shoes?

If you have been following the recent trends on shoes, you might have seen more than a handful of those breathtaking stilettos accentuated with rhinestones or those quirky pairs of creepers with rhinestones lining. You can easily get ahold of them these days. The problem is, they come with a lofty price tag.

Why buy when you can DIY, right? Unearth your plain and boring shoes and give it a totally different look by putting on rhinestones.

Rhinestones On Shoes Ideas

using rhinestones on shoes

Have you got a pair of basic flats, ballet or doll shoes? Cover it with clear rhinestones. Clear rhinestones are great because they have more sparkle on it. If you want a simpler look, just add toecaps to your flats. Cover the toecaps with your preferred color of diamante.

shoes on rhinestones

I recently saw a pair of Steve Madden pumps with bejeweled heels. You can recreate the look for a cheaper price by getting dark-colored pumps and clear diamante. Cover the heels with the clear diamante for a sophisticated touch.

Metallic oxford shoes are also all the rage. But rather than settle for texture-less metallic oxford shoes, add a bit more “oomph” to your footwear using rhinestones. Glue it on the sides or just the toecaps of the oxford shoes.

Advice When Putting On Rhinestones On Shoes

Make sure you are using high quality rhinestones and use high quality adhesive such as E6000, araldite rapid or strong super glue to stick it on your footwear. You don’t want these faux jewels falling off of your shoes every time you take a step.

Diamantes are available in various colors so you can find the color that best matches your shoe color. Clear diamantes are great if you’re not too sure about the outcome of your DIY project. This actually works great for dark shoe colors. It makes dressy shoes such as pumps and wedges look a tad more sophisticated.

If you are feeling a bit bold, go for the contrasting look. Choose hot pink rhinestones to cover the toecaps of your plain white flats. You can inject color without using acrylic paint.

So you see, there are hundreds of ways to make your ugly-looking shoes more attractive. Rhinestones are easy to work with as they are flexible. You can create different shapes and images on different kinds of shoes to get the look you want. You don’t need to be decked in jewels. Your bejeweled shoes will work just fine in accentuating your look.

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