DIY Inspiration – Rhinestone Easter Eggs

What’s the best thing to do when Easter nears? Make Easter eggs, of course!

Decorating Easter eggs is as fun, if not more, as hunting them. This year, why don’t you try decorating your Easter eggs with colorful rhinestones?


easter egg rhinestone1

easter egg rhinestone2

Credits: Crafty Cupboard|Martha Stewart

The colors will surely attract children. They’ll scramble to get these cute eggs. You might even be tempted to just use these as decoration. Come to think of it, you can try using these as center pieces for your Easter party. How’s that for an idea?

For your materials, get different sizes and colors of rhinestones and rhinestuds. Crystals R Us offers different sizes of rhinestones – from ss6 rhinestones to ss20 in different colors. Mix and match different colors or just use one color for one egg.

Let your kids join in on the fun of making Easter eggs. This will keep them anticipating Easter!